Montreal mature companionship

💎Accompagnatrice de charme / Private companionship



I would like for our time together to be a positive and unforgettable experience.

Thank you for reading my etiquette requirement.


First contact :

       - For early reservation, Fill out my form or send me an e-mail, the more information you share, the more it will be easy and quick.  Text messages are preferred because I answer them promptly enough ( start with a salutation, your age, if you are interested in a studio meeting or hotel Lajeunesse meeting, indicate briefly what are your expectations, for when and for how long you want this companionship.


Reservation :

       Reservations are greatly appreciated and highly recommended, at least 24 hours in advance.  If you request a last minute appointment, and that I am available it will be your lucky day.


Rendez-vous and cancellation :

       If you are running late, you should text or mail me before the appointment time and let me know.  Don't just assume that you are going to be able to add the time on to the end of our appointment.  It would be better to do a checking with me in advance if I can give you these minutes, the principle is the same if you want to extend, if this is the case, and it is possible for me, have the right 'Courtesy' with you.  

       On the other hand, if you arrive early for a studio meeting, I recommend that you wait in your car or that you go for a short walk to the time of the appointment.  These details apply to me too, I thus prevent you flawlessly by our usual means of communication.  If I'm ahead, I will present myself at the appointed time unless otherwise stated.

       If you ever need to cancel our time together, please be respectful and give me as much notice as possible.


Cleanliness :

       To avoid embarrassment, discomfort or cancellation of our appointment, it is imperative that you are freshly showered, either before or upon your arrival at the rendez-vous, for studio meeting the bathroom contains everything you need for a fresh start ( you can bring your own belongings if you prefer ) it's a rendez-vous after all.  If you want our time together to be enjoyable and satisfying, I highly recommend that you make the efforts to introduce yourself well-groomed. I will always be well dressed and well-groomed so I'm asking the same in return.


Safety :

       You should never have uninvited guests present without having first discussed this on prior to making your booking.

       If you want to share a glass of wine or spirits with me, only offer beverages that are in sealed or unopened bottles.