Appointment on a 24 hrs notice will be considered and only in company of my beautiful and sensual friend Vicky Lopez.


I'm over simple touring but I always like to travel and discover new horizons with someone special like you.



Canada ... I request a minimum of 24 hrs time spent.

Outside of Canada ... I request a minimum of 48 hrs time spent.

But only, if we have already meet at least

2 hours previously.


You are seeking for companionship within Canada !


A day for you   24 hrs   -----------------------------      3,470 
    A weekend for two  48 hrs   -----------------------------   5,020 
A week evasion  7 days   -----------------------------   8,900 
Additional day              -----------------------------   1,550 


You are seeking for companionship outside Canada !


   A weekend for two   48 hrs   ------------------------------      5,370 
A week evasion   7 days   ------------------------------   9,250 
Additional day              ------------------------------   1,550 


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Note that the courtesy will be sold


I can not accept E-transfer, Paypal or credit cards anymore, so the courtesy must be handed in cash and in CAD Currency.

I can make an exception if an advance is required with an E-Transfer.

Restricted to Adult

Dernière mise à jour : September 2019